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Ukrainian business news
The EU has promised $15 billion of financial help to Ukraine
06 March 2014
The European Union has promised $15 billion of financial help to Ukraine as the nation tightens its belt amid a looming cash crunch >>>

Fozzy Group expands Silpo supermarket chain to 239 stores
02 April 2013
The Kyiv-based Fozzy Group on March 30, 2013 opened a Silpo supermarket at 44-B, Academician Pavlov Street in Kharkiv - the 19th store in the city and the 239th in Ukraine >>>

US Church's Chicken to open two fast food restaurants in Kyiv
25 February 2013
Church's Chicken, a large U.S. fast food operator, in the first quarter of 2013 will open its first two establishments in Ukraine in Kyiv's trade and entertainment centers >>>

NBU: Ukrainian banking industry shows an upward trend
11 February 2013
2012 saw ongoing positive developments in the Ukrainian banking industry, which were first recorded in 2011 >>>

YEAR IN REVIEW: Under the sign of Euro 2012
08 January 2013
The outgoing year for Ukraine's infrastructure was marked by the holding of the Euro 2012 European Football Championship >>>

Mohammad Zahoor, Oligarch of Kiev
17 December 2012
Pakistan-born Mohammad Zahoor in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, a cricket-loving oligarch with a weakness for spicy lamb korma >>>

Small- and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine note fall in tax pressure
30 November 2012
The quality and effectiveness of the tax system in Ukraine in 2012 have improved compared to 2011 >>>

Parliament reduces tax rate
21 November 2012
The Ukrainian parliament passed at second reading amendments to the Tax Code, foreseeing a reduction in the single tax for the fifth and sixth groups of single taxpayers from 7% and 10% and to 5% and 7% respectively >>>

Auchan to take $75 million loan to build stores in Ukraine
24 October 2012
Auchan (France), developing the world's network of eponymous hypermarkets, is planning to attract $75 million >>>

French company to invest EUR 100 million in Yenakieve Steel
16 October 2012
French company Air Liquide intends to invest 100 million euros in the Yenakieve metallurgical mill >>>

Google buys Ukrainian firm in multimillion dollar deal
10 October 2012
Google’s Motorola Mobility has purchased Viewdle company, whose research and development team is based in Kyiv >>>

Macroeconomic Situation in Ukraine
18 September 2012
Real GDP growth accelerated to 3% yoy in 2Q 2012, up from 2% yoy in the previous quarter >>>

During Drought China Turns to Ukraine as Food Source
06 August 2012
China, a major food importer, is turning to a new source of supply - Ukraine, a nation once known as the breadbasket of Europe >>>

Ukraine exports 117,900 tons of sugar in ten months
16 July 2012
Ukraine exported 117,900 tons of sugar from September 2011 to June 2012, which was an unprecedented figure over the last decade >>>

EU-Ukraine trade ties better than political
09 July 2012
While political relations between Ukraine and the European Union are frosty, business relations are rebounding. Bilateral trade has gradually recovered to pre-2009 crisis levels >>>

Expert says Ukraine achieves intended effect of EURO 2012
26 June 2012
We've got new jobs, reinforced self-awareness of the nation, self-confidence, and showed them [foreigners] that we are part of the big globalized world >>>

Advance to buy Ukraine project
13 June 2012
Australia-listed Advance Energy will acquire an operating interest in the Ortynytska subsoil licence in Western Ukraine through a scrip deal set to eclipse its current shareholder base >>>

World in Ukraine: Ukraine has one true blue (and yellow) friend in EU
31 May 2012
Ukraine’s special relationship with Sweden dates at least back to the 18th century, when the two allies attempted to resist the czarist Russian empire. >>>

Marriott Hotels chain in Ukraine could include 20-30 hotels in the future
24 May 2012
The Ukrainian chain of Marriott Hotels International Ltd., one of the largest hotel chains in the world, could include from 20 to 30 hotels in the future >>>

President notes significant decrease in pressure on businesses
18 May 2012
As a result of deregulation of the economy, the pressure on businesses decreased by 5.5% in recent years >>>

Balance of payment in Q1, 2012 exceeds expectations
7 May 2012
The financial account of Ukraine's balance of payment at the end of the first quarter of 2012 turned to be twice better than it was anticipated >>>

Gocce del gusto trade house to open Pellini coffee house chain in Kyiv
17 April 2012
The Gocce del gusto trade house, the official importers of Italy's Pellini and Lucaffe coffee brands in Ukraine, is planning by late 2012 to open three Pellini coffee houses in various formats. >>>

TUI is going to capture 5-15% of Ukrainian tourist flow
9 April 2012
TUI tourist company will launch a program of chartered flights to Turkey, and hopes to win 5-15% of the Ukrainian tourist flow to Turkey by the end of 2012 >>>

Michel Platini: Ukraine's Success is Extraordinary
26 March 2012
The President of the Union of European Football Associations M. Platini noted the progress Ukraine made in preparations for the European Football Championship EURO 2012 >>>

Noble latest commodities group to expand in Ukraine
23 March 2012
Leading global commodity trader Noble Group has expanded its presence in Ukraine by acquiring grain-elevator owner Belgravia >>>

SigmaBleyzer: Ukraine - macroeconomic situation
15 March 2012
Industrial production expanded by 2% yoy in January 2012, an encouraging recovery from a 0.5% yoy decline in December 2011 >>>

KFC coming soon to Kyiv
2 March 2012
The Colonel’s chicken is coming to Ukraine. That is, the world’s third largest fast-food restaurant chain known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, or now simply KFC, an iconic brand for decades in America. >>>

Top hotels to open in Kyiv, adding nearly 1,700 rooms
20 February 2012
On the eve of the Euro 2012 football championship, which Ukraine is co-hosting with Poland, hotels continue to pop up like mushrooms in a moist forest >>>

Finnish brand FiNN FLARE to open store in Kyiv
15 February 2012
A trade representative of Finland's FiNN FLARE in Ukraine (Kyiv) on February 16, 2012 is to open its own mono-brand store in the Globus trade center in Kyiv >>>

Royal Burger chain to open six fast food restaurants
9 February 2012
Royal Burger fast food restaurant chain in Ukraine, plans in 2012 to open up to six of its own and franchised restaurants in Western Ukraine >>>

KyivPost: McDonald’s to boost presence in Ukraine
27 January 2012
Global fast-food giant McDonald’s plans to boost investment into Ukraine by 25 percent in 2012 compared to last year >>>

In Ukraine, number of enterprises up
23 January 2012
In Ukraine, the number of enterprises and organizations as of January 1, 2012, made up 1.323 million, including with a legal person status -1.268 million, without a legal person status - 54,995 >>>

Kyiv leading as to amount of foreign investments
17 January 2012
The volume of direct foreign investments to the Kyiv economy made up USD 2.9 billion in 2011, which is 1.6 fold up against the capital's total budget or the sixth part of the all-Ukrainian index >>>

NBU: Macroeconomic review of Ukraine
11 January 2012
The CPI declined by 1.6% in the third quarter, which is attributable to a decrease in prices for raw foods (contribution made up "minus" 2.8 p. p.), mainly owing to a bumper crop of grains and vegetables >>>

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